I. Anda Bamboo Slips

Anda Bamboo Slips (ABS, 安大簡), are a collection of Chinese texts dating to the early and middle Warring States period and written in ink on strips of bamboo, that were acquired in 2015 by Anhui University (安徽大學), China. The texts were obtained by illegal excavation, probably of a tomb in the area of Hubei or Hunan province, and were then acquired by the university. The several bamboo slip texts are similar to the received Book of Songs (詩經), Songs of Chu (楚辭). In addition, there are some Confucius quotations and Confucian works. The very large size of the collection and the significance of the texts for scholarship make it one of the most important discoveries of early Chinese texts to date. The ABS volume 1 was published by Anhui University held a press conference in September 2019.

II. Anda Bamboo Slips Glyphs Database

Anda Bamboo Slips Glyphs Database (ABSGD, 安徽大學藏戰國竹簡字形資料庫), is a database of ABS’s glyphs distributed over 800 characters and over 3000 words. All of glyphs are cropped from original book.