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AI Creation / AIGC


ChatGPT by OpenAI
Poe by Quora


Stable Diffusion by Stability AI (Open Source)
Midjourney | Documentation | Showcase
Hugging Face

AI/NLP/DS/ML/DL Platforms or Labs

Language Technology Platform by HIT
Semantic Cloud by Yunfu Tech
Towards Data Science - A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.
OpenAI Progress

Chinese Characters

The Complete Collection of Ancient and Modern Characters via CCAMC
Chinese Characters Database via CSACC, ECNU

Internet Speed Test by Ookla
IP Address Lookup


Knowledge Graph Development Report 2018 by SIGKG, CIPS
Chinese Information Processing Development Report 2016 by CIPS


IP Check
Mo Fish
Zhihu Porter
Look SSL
PDF Merge Free Online

Video Games

Switch 520 [1]
Switch 520 [2]

Online Videos

Diduan Videos [1]
Diduan Videos [2]
Bidi Videos
Ucany Video
RenRen Video
ZhenBuKa Video
Free Ok
Big Brother Video
YMCK Search
Ni Video
Niba Video
Novip Noad
Gimy TV
KuHui Video
AGE Animation


Library Genesis [1]
Library Genesis [2]
Library Genesis [3]

Chinese eBooks

So Books