Lab x LD

Lab x LD, is a Lab to explore new methods and techniques in fields of data and Language-processing at

LD x Posts in Chinese

LD x Posts in Chinese, 言数 · 中文文章归档, is a collection of Chinese articles in fields of Classical Chinese, Ancient Chinese Characters, Computational Linguistics.


OpenACC, Open Ancient Chinese Characters Glyphs Database, is a online collection of ancient Chinese Characters glyphs.
We have collected a very rich materials, including oracle-bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, Qin bamboo Slips, Chu bamboo Slips, received ancient characters, and Dunhuang variant forms.


CCBID, Chinese Characters Basic Information Database, is our terminal goal in this decade. To date, it's just a potential idea and plan. We intend to integrate the resources of CCAMC and LingData to build a relatively complete database of basic information of Chinese characters, which contains information about glyphs, definitions, encodings, changes and so on.