Chinese Characters Database, CSACC at ECNU

I. Introduction

Recently the Internet Database for Ancient Chinese Characters has been constructed by Center for the Study and Application of Chinese Characters (CSACC) at East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, China. The database includes oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, Chu manuscripts in warring states, and manuscripts in Qin and Han dynasty. Now the database is still being reviewed by experts, and cannot be open to scholars yet. The website of database is .

The instructions of each database are very similar. Here we will introduce the Database for Chu Manuscripts in Warring States China.

II. Materials Collecting

Now the following materials have been collected in the database:

Guodian chumu zhujian,
Shanghai bowuguan cang zhanguo chu zhushu (1~9),
Qinghua daxue cang zhanguo zhujian (1~6),
Changsha zidanku zhanguo chu boshu yanjiu,
Baoshan chujian,
Xincai geling zhujian,
Zenghou yi mu,
Jiudian chujian,
Zhanguo zhujian huibian.

CSACC will pay attention to the lastest publication to update database regularly.