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In metal typesetting, a font was a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font was a matched set of type, one piece (called a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consisting of a range of fonts that shared an overall design.
In modern usage, with the advent of digital typography, "font" is frequently synonymous with "typeface". Each style is in a separate "font file"—for instance, the typeface "Bulmer" may include the fonts "Bulmer roman", "Bulmer italic", "Bulmer bold" and "Bulmer extended"—but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.
In both traditional typesetting and modern usage, the word "font" refers to the delivery mechanism of the typeface design. In traditional typesetting, the font would be made from metal or wood. Today, the font is a digital file.

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I. Open Source Fonts

Source Han Fonts

Source Han Fonts are developed by Adobe and google.The Fonts support CJK character and glyph set standards, that is, Source Han comprehensively cover Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a unified font family. The font family has three members:

  • Source Han Serif | 思源宋体 | 思源宋體 | 源ノ明朝 | 본명조
    Source Han Sans |思源黑体 | 思源黑體 | 思源黑體 香港 | 源ノ角ゴシック | 본고딕
    Han Mono | 思源等宽 |思源等寬 | 思源等寬 香港 | 源ノ等幅 | 본모노

Google Noto CJK Fonts

Google Noto CJK Fonts have two parts, three fonts:

  • Noto Sans CJK
    Noto Sans Mono CJK
    Noto Serif CJK

Noto Sans CJK and Noto Serif CJK comprehensively cover Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a unified font family. This includes the full coverage of CJK Ideographs with variation support for 4 regions, Kangxi radicals, Japanese Kana, Korean Hangul, and other CJK symbols and letters in the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode. It also provides limited coverage of CJK Ideographs in Plane 2 of Unicode as necessary to support standards from China and Japan.

WenQuanYi Series Fonts

WenQuanYi Series Fonts by WenQuanYi

Hanazono Font

Hanazono Font by

Zcool Seriesb Fonts

Zcool Seriesb Fonts by Zcool (Zhanku)

MOE Fonts in Taiwan

MOE Fonts in Taiwan by Ministry of Education, Taiwan

II. Personal and Non-commercial Fonts

MakeFont Fonts

MakeFont Fonts by MakeFont (Zaozi Gongfang)

WenYue Fonts

WenYue Fonts by WenYue Tech.

HanYi Fonts

HanYi Fonts by HanYi Co.,Ltd.

III. Resource Link

Free Chinese Fonts:

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