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Chinese Fonts: An Open Source, Personal and Non-commercial Collection

Open Source Fonts

Source Han Series Fonts

Source Han Series Fonts by Adobe and google

WenQuanYi Series Fonts

WenQuanYi Series Fonts by WenQuanYi

Hanazono Font

Hanazono Font by Fonts.jp

Zcool Seriesb Fonts

Zcool Seriesb Fonts by Zcool (Zhanku)

MOE Fonts in Taiwan

MOE Fonts in Taiwan by Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Personal and Non-commercial Fonts

MakeFont Fonts

MakeFont Fonts by MakeFont (Zaozi Gongfang)

WenYue Fonts

WenYue Fonts by WenYue Tech.

HanYi Fonts

HanYi Fonts by HanYi Co.,Ltd.

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Free Chinese Fonts:

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